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Miles and Brian Frank enjoying the tropical paradise of Hana on the island of Maui, Hawaii with 53x11 Coffee Founder Evan Lawrence (Center). Photo: Soni Frank

Welcome to 53x11 Coffee, where ardent cyclists meet amazing coffee. For some, the idea of a cycling-based coffee company seems strange, but for us it is the natural collaboration of two passions.

53x11 was started by cyclists, for cyclists, and exemplifies the commitment to excellence and love for freedom shared by competitive riders. A good cup of coffee is the perfect complement to a great ride, and we wanted to offer our fellow cyclists, friends, and family, the ultimate java. After all, there's nothing like a good cup of joe before and after a ride.

Our goal was to provide riders with the best cup of coffee in the world, and we believe we've succeeded. 53x11 is built upon uncompromising quality, exceptional customer service, and a foundation of education. We start with the best fair-trade beans available from sustainable organic farms, gain speed by supporting trade wages and direct purchasing, pass the competition by giving back to our communities and athletes, and then aggressively pursue perfection for your palate.

Basically, our coffees are an extension of who we are. If you've never tasted 53x11, you're about to experience dedication and passion for a quality cup of joe, and the results of following your own path, on your own terms - all micro-roasted into supreme coffee beans.

So shift into 53x11 gear and hammer out life to the fullest . . . eating healthy, living happy, practicing sustainable lifestyle, being your best both on and off your bike, and enjoying the best coffee possible. Drink up, enjoy, and ride ready!